We're all stories in the end.

It all started with a boy wizard and his lightning shaped scar.
I'd like to be a writer one day, but with this level of procrastination, it's just never going to happen.
British men are unfairly attractive.
Action movies make me giggle.
I love to travel.
I've never been more addicted to something than I am to Diet Coke.

I am a Hanniwholockian with a bit of the Avengers. (I also love Cabin Pressure, X-men, The West Wing, Once Upon a Time, Homeland, Dexter, Elementary, Fringe, etc.)

I am currently watching Supernatural for the first time.

After all this time? Always.
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  • Mycroft: Hey I just met you
  • Mycroft: And this is crazy
  • Mycroft: But I'm going to need you to go to Dartmoor and make sure my reckless brother and his gun toting boyfriend don't get up to too much trouble. Also I like cake and umbrellas and I practically am the British Government. Your tan is really nice and your wife is a whore.
  • Mycroft: So Call me maybe.

With the taste of a poison paradise.

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“once you lose someone it is never exactly the same person who comes back.”

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Dean, what did she say?

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